Teak could be considered the best possible option to be used for boat/yacht construction.

Mechanical and appearance properties allow to reach an unbeatable level of elegance and adaptability. Just think that it is extremely resistant to insects, mildew and saltiness that indeed it helps Teak to minimize these problems.

The oily nature of this specie which is much more evident in Burmese Teak than in any other origin area (in some other area is totally absent), allow an extreme low shrinkage ratio compared to other species species that have been tried as alternative to Teak.

If we consider also the extremely good non-slip property it explain immediately why this is the king of the wood in the marine sector.

We must not forget that we talk about a mother nature’s product and not something built into a laboratory. Therefore it might have light difference in structure and color that will emphasize even more its natural charming that well differs from other unnaturally uniform products.

The exposure to the sun will incredibly uniform even the small differences that it might appears just after planning. The finishing possibility is very wide and the workability is very good.

It has a good hardness (3,5 on Brinell scale), but evidently it cannot be immune to damages caused by friction against harder objects (such as spikes, stones, stiletto heel etc) but this is normal for any type of wood.

This is a precious gift that mother nature give us and it is dutiful  to maintain it properly  which is quite easy to do on the sea .. simply using salty water.

To obtain other shines there are many products available that can satisfy you personal taste.

Aye Aye Sir…… Fair wind and following seas.