Polyantivibr are bars that are used to dampen noise and vibrations on board and are combined with Polyphon panels.
The bars are available in two different types to meet the needs of reducing vibrations in both floor and wall areas, thus ensuring the highest level of acoustic comfort in rooms.

The 500 kg/m3 cork rubber core can be either 10 or 20 mm.

Upon request, they can also be made with other rubbers such as the Sylomer SR55, which has a thickness of 12.5 or 25mm.

Polyantivibr P

This type of bar is ideal for flooring where there is a need for vibration-damping levelling for medium and large vessels. Usually, the bars are laid in a grid on the floor with a distance between the bars of approximately 50 cm. For best performance, the flooring needs to be constructed with Polyphon panels. These bars can be supplied either with 2 outer Okoumè sides or with one side only. If the single side version is required, the rubber must be glued directly onto the raw surface of the sub-frame (fibreglass, aluminium, steel). The single-sided solution is preferred where there is a need to reduce thickness or where there is an uneven surface.

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Polyantivibr V

In contrast to Polyantivibr P, Polyantivibr V is designed to be fixed vertically to walls and partitions that are adjacent to the sound source. Combined with the Polyphon panel, it is the perfect solution for sound insulation and to counteract vibrations between rooms. Polyantivibr V bars can be supplied pre-drilled to optimise the application and use of screws.

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