Thanks to the 30 years’ experience gained by CF staff, we can answer any questions you may have or advice you may require regarding teak and yacht construction

Research and Development

Ask us for help in making your panel using the materials you specify; we will be happy to assemble it for you so that you can analyse it.


Our panels are perfectly adaptable to any of your specific thickness requirements; simply choose how you want to compose it and CF will assemble it for you.

Sawing and Processing

CF panels are delivered already squared to a tenth of a millimetre, so that you do not need to square them again once you have received them. In addition to squaring, we can optimise your time by supplying you with panels already grooved on all or certain sides. As regards Teak, we can provide you with planed planks and boards, 1 to 5 mm chamfering and edge chamfering.

Design and Optimisation

Thanks to our technical department and specialist staff, we can realise your projects and turn them into a reality. We partner with various shipyards, which directly provide the 3D model of the boat and we build it, providing you with a complete kit from the finished panel with the required machining to the assembly book.

In addition to compartmentalisation, we can offer you a part optimisation service to ensure the minimum possible waste.